Monday, March 8, 2010

Congrats to My Friend Sica and Her Friend Barney

Can you believe I am mixing fashion and Tinsletown in one post! Here goes...

Last night my friend Sica Schmitz had the pleasure of watching one of her creations on the Oscar telecast. She made the dress for Barney Burman's wife. (Sica and Shielu, Barney's wife, are seen in the photo. Sica was pretty much wiped out, having worked through the night finishing up the gown.) Barney won in his category, 'Make-up Effects', for Star Trek. Afterwards he gave a shoutout to Sica via the backstage Oscar "Thank You Cam", which can be viewed at the bottom of this post. (Barney starts at about 25 seconds. Sorry, but this is the only version I have at this time. If I can get a better version, I'll upload it.)

Many congrats to Sica on a job well done!! And to Barney as well. :)

On Saturday evening, my other half, Craig and I were fortunate enough to meet Barney and his lovely wife Shielu. The visit took place at Barney's studio which was quite fun as there were many examples of his work throughout. I am a fan of the work he does, so it was quite fun. I fell in love with this type of stuff when I first saw the "cantina" scene in Star Wars. I have also been a fan of Star Trek, not that I am a Trekie, but I have watched some of each of the TV series, as well as all of the movies. Even before I knew Barney was a part of the most recent movie, I felt it was the best one because it made references to the original TV show as well as answered questions never fully explained. Barney has a new fan!! Sica already had me as a fan. :)

I know I haven't posted in a while. Honestly, I've meant to and even began a few, but something always seems to come up, preventing me from doing so. My goal is to post a bit more frequently as I have a number of things I want to share. With any kind of luck, I will have more soon. Thanks for checking in.