Friday, January 22, 2010

My Personal Bucket List and Other Misc Stuff...

One of the bloggers I check out from time to time mentioned her "bucket list". It got me thinking...what would I choose to include should I make my own. I've decided I need to create my personal bucket list. I know this will be an ongoing, ever changing list which will most likely be more of a long term to do list, or at least will at first be that.

On another note, I've decided to start referencing things I've found and like from other blogs and websites. I love to show the many great tips, tricks, ideas and cool stuff I find when I check out the various blogs and sites I monitor to my friends and family but it seems I never quite get around to telling/showing most of it until long after I find them, if at all. I may even think I have told someone only to discover later, they have no idea what I am talking about. So, sharing on my blog, the many interesting things I find seems only logical. I'm not sure yet, what format I will use, but plan on using this space for that purpose as well as a place to share what I have been up to, thinking about and planning. Stay tuned...

Change of topic...what is up with Late Night TV?!?!!! It appears the craziness is just about to settle down. I have been following it as it's been unfolding...mostly because I work at the company responsible for the debacle. I find the whole thing a bit baffling. When I first heard they were going to give The Tonight Show to Conan and move Jay to 10pm I thought it was an extremely BAAADDD idea! Oh well, that's not the area of the company I work in and I was not involved with that in any way, shape or form...sad situation though. (If you want to read about late night TV, check out Nikki Fink's site: Deadline Hollywood

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