Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I am a huge fan of Glee…I call it my “guilty pleasure”. As it turns out I'm not alone. However, I was sort of a fan before it was “cool”. My reasoning is multifaceted. We used to live in Long Beach before moving closer to “tinsel town”. The high school my sons attended is one of the filming locations for Glee. My mom also used to work at said high school and both mom and sons still have contact with teachers and staff at the school. When I watch the show I tend to watch for locations I recognize from the years of being at the school for one reason or another. Silly but fun. Anyway, I have favorites on the show. I really like Chris Colfer’s voice, (he plays Kurt). My second favorite male voice is that of Mark Salling who plays “Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman”.

Now the reason for this post...

Week before last, while dining in the little sandwich shop downstairs at work, I discovered myself sitting two feet from Mark Salling!! He is young enough to be my son, but it was a thrill to meet him. He’s a really nice guy and when asked, was very gracious and posed for a picture with Craig and little 'ole me! Apparently he has a solo career in the music industry and is with Universal Music, which is located in our building. He was meeting with his manager, going over a very busy schedule, preparing for an upcoming music video shoot. Go Mark!!!

One final note about Glee. My favorite female voice is Lea Michele who plays “Rachel Berry”. I just learned that "Rachel’s" middle name is Barbara! Poor dear…



  1. I randomly stumbled upon this post and I'm so glad I did! Mark seems very sweet and I'm so happy to hear that he's working on a new music video! I've been waiting for more music from him since his debut album, so this is definitely exciting. Thank you so much for sharing this - it's made my day :)

  2. Welcome to my blog...I'm glad I could provide an update and brighten your day! By the way, if I were 20 years younger...grrrr!!! ;)