Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Things I did on Saturday...

10:00 - breakfast
11:00 - bought car
12:30 - got hair done

I know, seems a bit crazy to get my hair done after buying a new car. :) Of course the car thing was not planned. After breakfast, while driving home to drop off my SO (significant other) Craig, he points out a cute little red and white Mini Cooper sitting at the Audi dealership. (He also mentioned the price!) I was intrigued since I have been thinking it would be nice to have a smaller car which would fit easily into our already over packed garage.

On the way to breakfast, I noticed a Smartcar, down the street from the Audi dealership. The cost of the Smartcar was more than I wanted to pay. Besides, it seems a bit too small, my claustrophobia might set in.

Upon hearing about the Mini, I flipped a "U" and zipped back to the dealership. I had a little over an hour to do this, if it was going to get done. I test drove it. It seemed like a pretty decent car...perhaps I should buy it?!?!!! Everything about it seemed to fit my needs perfectly. I told the salesman I needed to be gone by noon, so I didn't miss my appointment! I kept telling everyone I was dealing with, I must not miss my hair appointment! After all, I must look good, if I don't look good, I lose my job, if I lose my job, I can't pay for my new car!!! (Of course this is not exactly factual, but who cares!)

They asked if I wanted to put anything down...nope! (They asked this several times, my answer was always the same.) Then they said the lender wanted to speak with me. The lender wanted to know about "my car loan" with my credit union. "Why was I needing another loan?" I told them I have no car loans, I have pinks slips for my vehicles. They decided there wasn't an issue and since I previously had a car loan with this same lender, I was a good candidate for another loan.

I signed what seemed like an endless amount of paperwork, and off I went to my hair appointment.

My initial reasons for wanting the Mini Cooper were its size and affordability, but as it turns out, it is so much fun to drive!!! Been looking rather stylish in my new ride!!! Oh yeah!!

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