Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Son's First Film...for Film Class

My son is a student at a local college, taking a film class which required the completion of a film. (I know, you're thinking, 'how odd that one would create a film, in film class.')

He worked very hard, staying within the parameters given for the project. There was to be no sound recorded during filming-all sound was post filming. The finished project (excluding titles) was to be no longer than one minute...not one minute and one second, one minute only! A tough accomplishment considering he has to convey the message his film in such a limited timeframe.

He shot using an old Russian 16mm camera we bought off eBay. By using this camera instead of a digital camera, the requirement of needing film came into play as did developing and something called telecine. Of course there was also much editing capabilities involved, as well money, since he is a starving student! Actually he isn't starving, I feed him too!

Alas, I am now broke...take a look at the end result: April's Voice

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