Monday, February 15, 2010

Bags I made...

I just realized I never posted pics of some bags I made. The first one was for a coworker. We sit near each other so I see this bag pretty much everyday at work, since she uses it all the time!! Pretty awesome when you can tell someone really appreciates the gift you have given them!

The second one was for my Aunt Connie. She was visiting and needed a bag to cart home all of the stuff she acquired while visiting. She was making some comments about needing to pick up a cheap bag at a thrift store or something so she could carry her stuff home on the plane. Of course I wouldn't hear of that!! I didn't have a lot of time to sort through all of the fabrics I have to find something really fabulous, let alone plan and make the bag. I was forced to simply grab the closest fabrics I could find which didn't completely clash and whip up a simple bag. I know, if it was so "simple", why the pockets? Blame my mother for that! She was here too and said Connie needed pockets on her mom was put in charge of pockets. I did the sewing, mom planned, measured and cut the pockets. Thanks for the help mom!!

I have a few projects I'm trying to finish up which I hope to post soon.

Thanks for checking in...

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