Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Weekend Adventures

Yesterday I had the pleasure of accompanying my friend Sica on a shopping trip. (She's my costume/fashion designer friend who's blog one wild and precious life I follow). We ventured on a quest for the perfect fabric to make a dress for the Oscars. She has been asked to make a dress for the wife of one of the nominees. She previously worked with him and he likes her work, so of course he chose her! Anyway, she asked if I wanted to go along on the could I NOT go?!?!!!! I always love the opportunity to go fabric shopping, but for something so gorgeous, you bet I was on board for that adventure! After a failed attempt in downtown LA, we headed off towards Beverly Hills and found many beautiful and fabulous options...I can't wait to see the finished gown!

Then today, Craig and I went out for a bite to eat at a little cafe over in Studio City. Waiting in line behind us was Nathan Fillion of Firefly, Serenity, Castle, Dr. Horrible...need I go on??? I took the opportunity to let him know how much I enjoy Castle and mentioned how my sons are big fans of all of his work. I know that sounds like I don't like the rest of his work...I did word it much better at the time, letting him know I just never got into Firefly...I suppose that doesn't sound so good either...maybe I should have mentioned how much I really enjoyed Dr. Horrible???

We placed our order and headed off to find a seat. To my surprise, he and his lady friend ended up finding a seat right near us...although he did sit with his back to us, but I'm going to believe that was not on purpose! My eldest was rather excited to hear the news and tried to make it to the bistro before his departure, but failed in his attempt.

I managed to snap a few pics with my iPhone. I probably should have taken my HD quality camera out of my purse and use it, but was trying not to be obvious. Too bad I had such bad angles. Oh well, it was awesome meeting him, he is a very nice guy. Extremely gracious.

Living where we do and working the day job that I have, we tend to see famous people frequently, but rarely meet someone who's work we regularly enjoy. Week before last we saw Glenn Close and Finola Hughes at lunch...again in Studio City. I see people all the time on the lot at work...when I actually go out on the lot! I just don't usually make the trek out. Oh the adventures and tales I, that sounds exciting...too bad it really sounds more exciting when it is mentioned in such a vague way. The reality is, it may not be so exciting after all...or is it??? I guess it depends on your perspective.

It occurs to me I should be paying more attention to what the famous people I see are wearing. I remember Finola Hughes was dressed in a cute little dress and boots. She looked amazing! Glenn Close was wearing pants of some sort. Nathan had on a blue sweatshirt?!?!!! (Guess you can tell by the pics, huh!)

Anyway, Nathan Fillion was very nice, I am very excited to see the creation my friend Sica comes up with, and in the future I hope to pay more attention to what the famous people I see are wearing!!

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